Dublinia – The crossroads of Dublin’s medieval city

Dublinia – The crossroads of Dublin’s medieval city

Dublinia is a not for profit heritage centre located at Christ Church, known as the crossroads of Dublin’s medieval city.

Meet the Vikings face to face! Learn about life during the medieval period in Dublin, explore the world of a History Hunter and see a medieval view of a modern city from our medieval tower. At Dublinia you will see Dublin from a new perspective and come away knowing more about its citizens throughout the ages!

Dublinia is just down the road from Dublin Citi Hotel approximately 5-7 minutes’ walk.

The History Of Dublinia

Dublinia, located in a 19th-century neo-Gothic building that housed the Synod Hall of the Church Of Ireland until 1983. The building, erected on the site of an older, 17th-century church of which only the bell tower survived. The tower is now part of the Dublinia museum. The Museum is connecting with the historic Christ Church Cathedral on the opposite side of St Michael’s Hill via an enclosed pedestrian bridge. The Museum opened its doors in 1993 and added its permanent exhibition The Viking World in 2005.


Dublinia In Action

Stroll through a medieval market and visit a rich merchant’s house. You can wear medieval clothes, throw rotten eggs and veg (well, soft plastic balls) at a criminal locked up in the pillories and try your luck at funfair games

The Viking World

After you survived the Middle Ages, delve deeper and experience life in the times of the Vikings. See for yourself how much space you had as a crew member on a Viking longship, especially, learn how to write in Viking Runes and listen to long Sagas recited by an elder while you are sitting around the campfire. Again, it’s an absolute blast for children and open-minded adults.


Education at Dublinia involves the learning, research and sharing of information on Dublin City’s Viking, Medieval, and archaeological history.

St Michael’s Tower

Dublinia’s late seventeenth-century viewing tower belonged to the church of St Michael’s Tower the Archangel, which once stood at the site now occupied by Dublinia.

Newly renovated St Michael’s Tower, an original medieval tower, is a 96 step climb to the top, where you can see spectacular views of the city.


  • Adult: €8.50
  • Seniors/Students: €7.50
  • Children: €5.00
  • Family: €25.00

Opening Hours

March to September Daily: 10 am – 6:30 pm (Last entry 5:30 pm)

October to February Daily: 10 am – 5:30 pm (Last entry 4:30 pm)

Dublinia is just down the road from Dublin Citi Hotel approximately 5-7 minutes’ walk.

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