The nearest car park to our hotel is Fleet Street Car Park at Temple Bar area, 5 minutes walk away from us. Parking costs €4/hour and €12 for an overnight stay* (6 pm-8 am).

*Night rate from 6:00 pm to 08:00 am next morning (€10 if paid in advance at pay station within 15 minutes of arrival).

Get 24-hours for €19 with rebate ticket from Dublin Citi Hotel

Tickets available at the reception desk:

  • In order to receive these Special Parking Rates, please ensure you get your rebate ticket when you check out at Reception Desk in Dublin Citi Hotel.

  • It is important that you use the rebate ticket when you pay at the self-service machines.

  • Dublin Citi Hotel is not liable for any extra charges for staying over the 24-hour period.

  • These rates apply to Park Rite, Fleet-street Car Park ONLY and are subject to availability. Normal car park terms and conditions apply.

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