Aviva Stadium

Aviva Stadium

The Aviva Stadium (also known as Lansdowne Road; Irish: Staid Aviva) is a sports stadium located in Dublin, Ireland, with a capacity for 51,700 spectators (all seated). It is built on the site of the former Lansdowne Road stadium, which was demolished in 2007, and replacing it as home to its chief tenants: the Irish rugby union team and the Republic of Ireland football team.

The stadium is Ireland's first, and only, UEFA Elite Stadium and in 2011, it hosted the Europa League Final. It also hosted the inaugural Nations Cup, as well as the regular home fixtures of the national rugby team, national football team and some home fixtures for Leinster Rugby from August 2010 onwards.

You can take tours of the Aviva Stadium all year long, although opening hours may vary. Usually they are open from 10:00 a.m. to 15:00 p.m.

You will need about 40 minutes walk from the Dublin Citi Hotel.


Stadium Tours:

A visit to the Aviva Stadium is more than just a tour of our new-age facilities but an intimate insight into the history of the first ever international stadium which has charmed its way into the heart of a nation.

Take stock of some of the greatest moments in sporting history as you relive the events through a short film and tour. Both the old, and the new stadium have seen many amazing events in there time, and our brilliant tour guides are here to give you passionate insights into the stadiums illustrious past.


Aviva Stadium in Fiction:

 The children's writer Gerard Siggins has based much of his 'Rugby Spirit' series in Aviva Stadium. His hero, Eoin Madden, is on a school tour to the ground when he meets Brian Hanrahan, a true-life figure who was the only man ever to die playing sport in Lansdowne Road. Hanrahan, a Lansdowne FC rugby player, died when a scrum collapsed during a Leinster Senior Cup game against Trinity in 1928.

The five books so far published in the series feature frequent visits to Aviva Stadium for matches.[94]

Siggins also co-authored the history of the previous stadium on the site, Lansdowne Road: The Stadium, The Matches, The Greatest Days (O'Brien Press, 2010) 



 -          Adult: €10.00

 -          Seniors/Students: €7.00

 -          Children: 5.00

 -          Family: €25.00

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